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The museum for the new millennium

Now under construction, is getting ready for its 2005 gala grand opening!

This is to be a Web site unique in its ability to entertain and to educate. An experienced and visionary museum professional has convened a creative team of artists and developers and together they are building a brand-new, nonprofit museum-without-walls designed to captivate visitors of all ages by enchanting them with a continuously changing supply of fascinating content. Theyíre creating, the place where the past and the future are connected in the now. WOW!

Featuring flights of fancy, is woven with whimsy and sprinkled with creativity. Like all museums, it will inspire and amuse and teach. But unlike other museums, is always open and always free, available at the click of a mouse, twenty-four hours a day. No advance tickets are required, and there are never any lines, even for the most popular exhibitions, concerts, and lectures. True to its designation as the museum for the new millennium, will serve as a learning center for generations from pre-boomer to Z, providing a showcase for 21st Century technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. is the one place thatís like no place youíve ever been before.

Canít wait for our opening to find out what is all about? Just click here for a preview peek or send an e-mail to